Beef Entrees

$14.75 per person - Minimum 10

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Meatloaf ($11.20)
Just like mom's with brown gravy.
Stuffed Cabbages ($11.20)
Filled with seasoned ground beef and rice and baked with spicy tomato sauce.
Sirloin Beef Tips ($14.75)
With mushrooms, shallots and sweet peppers.
Roast Beef ($14.75)
Tender sliced roast beef served with mushroom sauce.
Pepper Steak ($14.75)
Strips of tender steak and sweet bell peppers in a flavorful brown sauce.
Beef Stroganoff ($14.75)
Tender chunks of beef and mushrooms simmered in a rich sour cream sauce and served over buttered noodles.
Asian Stir Fry ($14.75)
Beef, Chicken or Shrimp combined with oriental vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce.
Lemon Pepper London Broil ($14.75)
Choice cuts of flank steak marinated and grilled to perfection
Beef Tacos ($14.75)
Hard and soft taco shells, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.
Beef Enchiladas ($14.75)
Smothered in our own red sauce and sharp cheddar cheese, oven baked to bubbly perfection.
Beef Entrees

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