Hors D'Oeuvres

Bountiful Platters

Assorted Gourmet Cheeses ($2.75/person)
Served with pepperoni and distinctive crackers
Shrimp Cocktail - Market Price
Garden Vegetable Tray ($2.25/person)
Assorted raw vegetables complemented by our own secret recipe ranch dressing
Munchie Tray ($3.25/person)
Generous cubes of assorted gourmet cheeses, olives, pepperoncini, ham, salami and pepperoni, served with crackers and delicatessen-style mustard
Fresh Fruit Display ($3.50/person)
Selection of cut seasonal fruit
Baked Brie ($55.00/wheel)
Wheel of triple cream brie with raspberry or apricot topping, served room temperature, with crackers and baguette - Serves 25
Antipasto Tray ($4.50/person)
Ham, salami, capacola, provolone, olives, pepperoncini, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, roasted red peppers and assorted breads
Nova Scotia Lox ($8.95/person)
Minimum 10 - Served with traditional condiments and toast points
Hors D'oeuvres
Vegetable Tray

The Hot List

Petite Quiche ($9.95/dozen)
Bite size (maybe two) lorraine and florentine quiche
Beef/Chicken Brochette ($30.00/dozen)
Marinated meat and vegetables on skewers
Mini Crab Cakes ($34.50/dozen)
Served over seafood bisque
Cocktail Meatballs ($7.25/dozen)
Swedish, marinara or marsala - minimum five dozen
Scallops Wrapped in Bacon ($22.95/dozen)
Stuffed Mushrooms ($12.95/dozen)
Italian Sausage $15.95/dozen
Crabmeat $18.95/dozen
Garden vegetable $13.95/dozen
Chicken Tenders ($11.50/dozen)
Served with Bar-B-Q and ranch
Chicken Wings ($15.95/dozen)
Cajun Scallops ($16.95/dozen)
Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Chestnuts ($11.95/dozen)
Banana Peppers ($22.00/dozen)
Stuffed with hot sausage and topped with marinara sauce
Tuna and Pineapple Skewers ($27.95/dozen)
Served with a lemon dill sauce
Spanakopita ($19.00/dozen)
Phyllo filled with spinach and feta
Spinach and Artichoke Dip ($3.50/person)
(miniumum 20) Creamy dip served with assorted breads and crackers
Chicken Quesadilla ($19.00/dozen)
Served with chunky salsa

The Cold List

Fresh Spinach Dip ($33.00)
Cathy's not-so-secret delicious spinach dip. served in a hollowed Breadworks sourdough round with hunks of bread or bagels for fun dipping.
Crustini ($20.95/5 dozen)
Pesto or roasted red pepper hummus and fresh basil served on toasted baguettes
Assorted Tea Sandwiches ($26.75/dozen)
Ham and Asparagus Rolls ($11.75/dozen)
Melon Wrapped in Prosciutto ($15.95/dozen)
Baked Brie in a Phyllo Cup ($12.95/dozen)
Roast Beef and Bleu Canapes ($19.00/dozen)
Served on a toasted baguette topped with caramelized onions.
Hoisen Beef and Scallion Rolls ($19.00/dozen)
Roast beef thinly sliced and wrapped around green scallions, zucchini and hoisen sauce
Bruschetta ($22.50/3 dozen)
Stuffed Canapes ($18.95/dozen)
Ham salad, shrimp salad or chicken salad

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